How To Dress To Work? Not Exactly

14 Jan 2013

OMG, work resumed on the 7th of January after a lifetime of vacationing (it was actually just 2 weeks but felt like a lifetime) and once again I had to go through the ardous task of waking up every morning wondering what to wear.

Well, on the first 2 days, I went with a bit of vintage style. I managed to take some 'not so clear pictures' (still trying to get the hang of taking pretty pictures through the mirror).
The red vintage blouse I got from Elsie Vintage styled with a half up-do, red lips and my signature natural smokey eyes
oops, trying to take the picture through the mirror close to my seat at work.
I actually wore this on the first day of work
at the end of the day when I got home
The guys at work could not get enough of calling me 'Hawaiian Barby' on the first and asking why once again I was attempting to attract them with a red lip on the second day, lol.
For me, wearing the vintage jacket and blouse felt like home. I was comfortable and felt more like myself as against wearing shirts and really corporate stuff (which is actually what my work wardrobe consists of). Somebody help!!!
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