How I Almost Got Lost in Lagos Island

29 Nov 2012

Hello everyone,

So I have been very off and on and all about everywhere. Please be sure to holla at me via my facebook page or twitter handle next time I am MIA.

Now, on an unrelated topic, I took a trip to Lagos Island some time back. For those of us who can't afford to shop in boutiques, departmental stores and buy handmade collections, we go to Lagos Island market for good quality but affordable items. I wanted a handbag without having to cough out more than was reasonable so off i went to Lagos Island after getting my last set of braids done.
along the road
I personally have a building which I use as a landmark. On this day, however, I did not see it but the bus dropped everybody and so I had no choice. I started walking and praying I had not gone off the route because that would have been a disaster.

I had nothing else to do but walk and look and so decided to take some pictures
at first I thought this was my landmark building but it wasn't
in Lagos Island, sellers of ginger, garlic and other spices are usually from the Northern part of the country and carry them round in wheel barrows (comes from several years of following my mum to the market)
i think this was a junction
if you have walked along that road then you know about the round-about there.
I walked for hours and hours (well at least that is what it seemed and felt like) with the hot sun on my newly braided hair it was not funny at all.

Alas, finally in the distance, I saw the landmark and with a huge sigh of relief I veered off the straight road I had been walking on
yes the UBA building is my landmark. I totally have to see it to know where I am going to in Lagos Island
I finally got my bag and a purse in addition to it. Went with a budget and so could not get anything else.
Hope my journey didn't bore you too much though *grin*

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  1. Barbie,Shopping in that Lagos Island market is no joke ooo,i am sure you were exhausted by the time you got home, waiting for pictures (your bag and purse)lolzz.Eko o ni Baje ooo.lovely pic

    1. My dear, I was dark and glistening by the time I got home. Thank God there was light so it was AC to the rescue.

  2. lol, soory o. it took me YEARS to know my way around that Lagos island market. it's sooo huge and overwhelming.

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