The expected 'Van Der Burgh Chocolaad' taste

30 Nov 2012

I am on a diet! (I just wanted to get that out of the way)

But a friend of mine got this for me when he travelled and I have been fawning over it. Someone has the job of making sure I don't eat this but it has such a cute packaging I just had to show you all.
it is a Dutch brand of dark chocolate
the ribbon is really pretty. Even the wrapper for each of the 2 in the package

did you read that? - locally crafted chocolate bar, handwrapped too
can you beat this? the expiration date is also hand-written
It is so inviting I want to eat it but at the same time I tell myself I won't have something pretty to look at if I do. 

There's the dilemma!

I just hope the taste is worth the wait and I can remember the savoury feeling I expect to feel months after.

If you were in my shoes what would you do?


  1. Dark chocolate is actually healthy but bitter...Please eat your thing. We only live

  2. simply eat it... :) thts wt i wld do

  3. Looks devine!


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