Makeover 1923: Stella (with Zaron & Wet n' Wild)

3 Dec 2012

I was in the office over night!
In the advertising industry this is not unheard of and is sometimes a rather frequent occurrence.

That aside, my sister was going out that morning and had earlier requested that I do her makeup. I had no choice but to get out my kit as soon as I stepped into the house at 6am on saturday morning.
October is breast cancer awareness month but I didn't get to do anything pink on the blog. Perhaps, that was why I reached for the vibrant pink colour in the Zaron Showstopper palette.

Black Opal Stick foundation in Beautiful Bronze
Sleek powders in Tan, Brown Velvet and Tropical Bronze
BM Pro red eyeshadow (as blush)
Bobbi Brown bronzing powder in Deep 4 (for contouring)
Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Apricot
Zaron eyebrow powder
Zaron Showstopper palette - pink & bronze
Wet n Wild Confort Zone palette
Tara Orekelewa eye pencil & liquid liner
Her lips were a mixture of Mary Kay Hibiscus l/s on the outer perimeter, a Lancome pale pink l/s and a Jordana pale pink l/g


  1. Very pretty..Love the eyes :)

  2. Great work dear ..... Those eyes I love 'em!!!💝

  3. Lovw it ....nice works shes gorgeous ur eyebrows are EPIC

  4. You look a lot alike. Great makeup work too :)

  5. Stunning lady! Adore the bronze and pink together on the eyes. Beautiful. X

    1. Thanks so much. And to think she didn't like the pink, lol

  6. Lovely, love those eyes, kudos dear

  7. Hi there!! I am Angolan I lived in Nigeria, Lagos a few years ago. I love Lagos and I am glad I found your blog ,xoxo

    1. I am glad you found my blog too. Wish I had met you when you were still living in Nigeria. But still you can catch up with the Nigerian makeup & beauty scene right here.
      Thank you so much for visiting.

  8. That eye shadow palette is gorgeous! Ugh, I wish I could get away with that. My skin has a yellow tint from my Japanese background. It The pick always looks a bit off Beautiful model AND job! Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Michele. I am however sure that there is a perfect pink for your exact skin tone. Don't despair. A great week to you too.


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