Product Review: Arike Liquid Pen Liner & Eye Shadow

9 Oct 2012

Believe it or not this was my first pen liquid liner. I absolutely love my gel and cream liners and usually apply wand liquid liners with an angled liner brush. This was a sure first and I was sincerely hoping that it wouldn't disappoint me.
The shadows come in numbers and not names (I have to get used to that). 
Does not look like any special shade right?
this is what caught my attention - the sparkles and the colour which is a bluish-moss greenish colour. The glitter tends to move to the edges if you swatch in circular motions.
without flash
with flash
I am still trying this out to see how it works. I have used it twice - on its own and on top of the Prestige liner in this picture (it was way too bright for work) and so far I can say it is ok.
- High pigmentation of e/s enabling you to use without a base product.
- Waterproof liquid liner.

Downside of both products is:
- Blending of e/s has to be concise to avoid all the glitter moving to the edges (this can be used to an advantage in certain situations though )
- Loads of fallout which ends up in glitter all over your face if one is not really careful with the tapping motions.
- It tends to be a bit powdery when loading up on a brush.
- The liner has to be swiped across a couple of times before it shows up. I wish one or two applications at the most could get the job done.
- The liner is not a very intense black but it does serve its purpose well I guess.

I am still on the bench about this line of products though. I hear the lip glosses are really good, maybe I should just wait to give those a try.
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  1. I like the color of this eyeshadow but what can you wear it with?

    1. It is actually a versatile colour as it can be worn to complement green or blue or other such colours. It is also beautiful for a smokey eye. I played around with it a bit and discovered that about it too.


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