1923 Asks: Joy Adenuga

10 Oct 2012

For some of you, the name Joy Adenuga was unknown to you until she became the First Nigerian Makeup Artist to have her work featured in Vogue Italia (Photo Vogue).

I had the wonderful opportunity to be the first to ask her how such an achievement feels; and also to tell us a little about the shoot.
Here is my blog interview with Joy
1923 Blog: I remember you had no idea your picture was in PhotoVogue until I mentioned it to you. When it sank in how did you feel? What were the thoughts running through your head?

Delighted of course! How I started suddenly flashed through my head (lol)

1923 Blog: Do you think your career was leading up to this? Please let us in a bit into how you got into the makeup industry.

One always prays for an amazing opportunity and this was one I was expecting.
I have always loved makeup but it was after my wedding, with encouragement from family, that I decided to push ahead and register at a makeup school.

1923 Blog: What is the story behind that picture? Was it a planned or random image?

It was a random shoot. I didn't know whom the photographer was planning to submit to. I was just aware of the fact that we were shooting an edgy fashion story.
the Photo Vogue image
1923 Blog: That picture has something about it that is absolutely captivating, modern and yet very African. Can you please tell us what makes that picture stand out?

It is a modern capture of an African lady and we edged it out by not using colours on her face. My contour and highlight palette was mostly used.
Joy at work
1923 Blog: (I know a lot of makeup artists are longing to ask Joy this question, lol) What did you use to achieve that flawless, glistening skin?

I mixed MAC lustre drops with a Becca foundation and buffed all over her face down to her neck. Then went over the high points of her face with my yaby highlight palette.

1923 Blog: If you had an opportunity to meet the makeup artist to one of the old Hollywood divas, whose makeup artist would it be and why?

Kevyn Aucoin.
He transformed Tina Turner into Cleopatra and the result was amazing ('amazeballs' Giuliana Rancic would say)
 Thank you so much Joy. As we say over here "more grease to your elbow", lol.
To see Joy's beautiful work, head on over to her website www.joyadenuga.com

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  1. Very interesting interview. I would LOVE to be a make-up artist. I hurt my back a few years ago, though, and I don't think I could do all of that standing and blending. But I love looking at others' work. I'll use your link to check out Joy's site.

    1. I am sorry to hear about that Donna. It is wonderful being able to transform people though.
      have fun checking out her site, you won't be disappointed.


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