1923 Thought For the Day

10 Oct 2012

A lot of the time I do tend to wonder what it is I have been placed in this world to do. What exactly is my destiny and have I been fulfilling it?

Especially recently, this question has plagued me. Remember my I WISH post?

I am doing so much and yet I am doing nothing. Is it just me who thinks that or is it the way the world perceives of the things I do or is that how things actually are? See, I have more questions than answers.

It is the middle of the night and my mind is wide awake, thinking, searching, looking for clues that I am on the right path and praying that a bright light shines from a direction to show that I am indeed on the right path.

No one can really give me an answer to that question right? I might as well get used to it. Only GOD can give me an answer; in His 'still small voice'. But I have to be calm and listen or else I won't hear what He is saying. I have to move away from the noise of the world and move closer to His voice.

Barbara be still and listen! Only then will you hear and only after hearing will you know for sure. So just be still.


  1. Hi Barbara,
    Please know that your "thought for the day" is a common one among women. Whatever we accomplish, whatever it is that we're doing, never seems to be quite enough. I love your advice of being still. Sometimes, that's just what we need.
    As for God? He is always on time, and He has a plan. Be nothing but excited for what it is He has in mind for you :)
    Sending smiles your way,

    1. Thank you so much for reminding me Michele. Sometimes all we need is a reminder that God is never late but just right on time. We just have to remember to still and listen out for Him. *hugs*


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