Product Review: BarryM Gold Eyeshadow Pencil

11 Oct 2012

This brand launched in Nigeria at the fair courtesy of Monade Skincare. Having heard about it from foreign sites and reviews, I was looking forward to it. I was only able to get an eyeshadow pencil as that is what my budget allowed but I hope to be able to review more BarryM products as time goes by.
a close-up of the pencil
I am not quite sure why I got the gold one perhaps because there were no other interesting colours at the stand.

- This is a typical cream shadow product which is highly pigmented.
- It tends to be difficult to clean off which indicates that it has a high staying power.
- It can be used as a cream base for powder products.
I used it under the Arike e/s I got at the fair and it gave the shadow some sort of glow and it came out brighter than when the shadow is used alone. I like the effect it gives.

I have a thing or two up my sleeves for experimenting with this product, in the meantime however, I would not trade it for my NYX jumbo pencils yet, those are tried and trusted.


  1. Hi thanks for commenting on my blog, I love Barry M it is one of my favourite brands. To answer your question from my blog, no I am not Nigerian I am Ghanaian.

    1. O cool. I am relatively new to the brand. This is my very first product of theirs so I am still treading softly.
      And thank you so much for visiting back.

  2. When you said it have high staying power, I was sold. I like shadows that don't wear off after 2-3 hours!! So this seems like a winner...

    1. O yes, it took a lot to get the swatch off. If you have issues with eyeshadows staying on you should try eye primers. I love the Mary Kay eye primer and there is UDPP which is a cult fav.


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