Zaron Lagos Island Store Independence Launch

5 Oct 2012

On the 1st of October, one of my fav Nigerian makeup brands - Zaron Makeup & Hair opened a new store in Lagos Island. Of course yours truly was there.
Located in the heart of Balogun market (for Lagosians), close to Kuddy Cosmetics and above the Sleek store; this new Zaron store is hard to miss.

arranging and organisation was still in progress when i entered the store
one of my favourite Zaron quads. The pink is so vibrant and the burgundy colour is beautiful for a coloured smokey eye.
loose powders
above my reach, on top of the counters
this would be really nice to try out
I call them 'the Zaron pyramids', lol
here they are again
apart from arranging the shelves, makeovers were also in progress
Oke seriously sorting through lip glosses
having a discussion with Mary-Jane
not done yet
makeovers are not complete without neat hair. Apparently MJ also does hair too, I just confirmed that
ah yes, the star model of the day
"I would prefer if it was done in .... way and that ...... way", lol
all seriousness
almost done
voila, all done
these 2 dudes refused to allow me take pictures. Considering I got there before them, I didn't think it was fair *sulking*
happy and satisfied customers/friends of the house
As usual, I had fun hanging out with the Zaron team and you can be sure of more new things coming from them soon.

Congratulations Zaron!

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