The Ark is in LURZER'S Archive!

17 Apr 2012

Unless you work in Advertising or are very interested in the Advertising and branding industry you probably don't know what Lurzer's Archive is.
Well, it is an archive of advertising graphic design for print, television, product packaging, commercial illustration and other such subject areas. You can check them out here

Now on to the good news, the advertising Agency i work for Noah's Ark Communication Ltd. will be showcased in the next edition of the Lurzer's Archive publication ( a big yaaaaay!, a song and a dance to that). Here is a sneak preview of our work on the Lurzer's Archive site as there is usually an unveil on the site before the publication comes out.

Im sure some of you will be wondering how come because you havent seen us anywhere. If you are one of those then i will be obliged to say that you haven't looked very well because we have been everywhere and when i say everywhere, i mean everywhere. Here are links, be sure to check them out and any where you can be sure to give us 10 stars:

1. Indigenous Work board on Pinterest
2. Ads of the World
3. Creative Advertising Archive
4. Advertising & Commercials Advertolog
5. I believe in Adv
6. Scary Ideas
7. Naija Ads facebook group
and guess what? when you check out the Advertising, Creative and Creativity tags on Tumblr, you will find us too.

Now do you absolutely agree with me when I said you haven't looked very well?
Last but definitely and not by any chance the least, we also have a Cannes Lion entry and all your support will be invaluable.

P.S. when you check our website or Facebook page and see the animals, note that wherever you see a sexy female jaguar, that is me *wink*.

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