Brush Review: Blush Beauty Travel Brush set

19 Apr 2012

Do you all remember my review of the Blush Travel Brushes? Be sure to click and check it out.
Well, i received not just the second travel powder brush i longed for (lol) but the entire Blush travel set.
The Travel set comes in a beautiful, sleek, black purse

Blush beauty logo is embossed on it
the brushes in the set
i can almost read your minds - first glance, like i mentioned in the other Blush brush post, they look like Bobbi Brown brushes with their cream and chrome-like appearance
the powder brush - longer handled than the other Blush brush i reviewed but same bristles and same buffing action. Love at first sight, lol
foundation brush - this is a hell of a good foundation brush. Made of synthetic bristles it beautifully blends in foundation into the skin ( I am however yet to use it for cream or stick foundations). it works beautifully with my MK foundations.
liner brush - can be used for powder products eg. under the eye or the tear duct. I however use it with my gel liners.
angled brush - this is the odd one out in the entire set. It is too thick to be used on the skin and is made of synthetic bristles (unless perhaps you are doing face art or something of the sort) otherwise it is of no use. I am however keeping it in the belief that i will find work for it soon.
fluffy e/s brush - natural bristles. can be used for applying e/s to the lids, crease and even the brow bone area.
blush brush - this is a very oddly shaped blush brush but it does its job. The trick is to apply it with a rolling motion. i also use it to contour my cheeks too.
lip brush - upon removing the cover the very first time i noticed that the bristles were bent and i wondered that perhaps it had been destroyed. I however persevered and it works well as a lip brush so it has remained in the pouch with the other brushes. I must say however that I am sure this was just a one time error during packaging but i cannot be sure as i am yet to see another one.
- For personal use, this is perfect. (of course knowing me, I have added 3 more brushes to the pouch cos i wanted a little more versatility. but this totally depends on the user as i say there is really no need)
- A basic knowledge of makeup brush usage is needed to maneuver these brushes (read my individual thoughts on them) and a little bit of patience is needed.

Would i recommend for  first time brush users? without hesitating yes.
Yes, i miss the bag my MK brush set comes with but this has more brushes for my personal use so it has become my personal brush set and my makeup goes in a ziploc bag *lol* (looking for the perfect makeup purse to accompany this brush set.

This set costs N5,000 and is available at Blush Beauty (check out my previous posts or their FB group for more details)

*This product was provided for review consideration. All opinions expressed in this post are my candid opinions.

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