On Location: Lolo Pop's "No Carry Last" music video

16 Apr 2012

Hello everyone,

I have received requests to share more of my work with you all and this is the very first of those.

Recently (if you are a fan of my FB page and follow me on twitter you will have read and seen pictures from this shoot), i was the makeup artist for a music video shoot by Lolo Eremie also called Lolo Pop on FB.

As usual i was lax with the picture taking but i was able to get some taken by asking people on the set of the shoot for assistance. Here they are, i hope you enjoy them.
Scene one - Lolo in action

taking directions from the Director, One Soul (pun intended)
touch-up in progress

the background for the first scene
i love this shot
Touch-ups again. I must say that the lights were terribly hot. Every time i stepped in front i remembered how hot they were.
The song is basically a love song and the Director wanted it to be a bit artsy so he used a lot of the art pieces that were hanging on the walls of the location as backgrounds for each of the scenes (as you can see from the first scene, the makeup had as much yellows and greens and orange on her lips to go with the art piece behind her. This was the same for the rest of the scenes too.

I basically layered the different eye and cheek products and only entirely changed the lip colours.

I was unable to get pictures of the other scenes but you can be sure that as soon as the video is out i will be sharing it on my youtube channel.

You can always follow my tweets here or like my facebook page here for all the up-to-date information on where I am and what I am up to (when I am not sitting at a desk in an Advertising Agency that is, lol)
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