'Fi.R' Cosmetics

5 Feb 2012

A few days into the new year, i took delivery of my samples which came all the way from Tampa in Florida courtesy of darling Fifi.

Of course they are samples from her amazing line of customized pigments. i had really been looking forward to them so i tore the envelope immediately *covering eyes in shame*, Im sorry.

She wanted me to have some to test out the pigmentation of the pigments and if they will hold up well when used on our skin and in our weather.

Here are pictures of them (and the battered envelope):

the cute pink envelope the samples came in.
*hide face in shame* i still wanted to show you all the hot pink animal print seal on the envelope
a little shopping bag card
a hand written note from Fifi to me. It made me feel real close to her, like she wasnt thousands of miles across the world.
the lovely pigments. They were sent in little baggies but Fifi already told me about it. 
 Aren't these pigments beautiful? They are also mixed by hand. You can send whatever colour you want to Fifi and she will mix the colour for you. Pure genius in my opinion.

Watch out for 1923 Asks "Stephanie Fifi Rodriguez of Fi.R cosmetics" post here on Barbara & 1923 blog.


  1. Some swatches and review would be nice :)

    1. @that Igbo chick, definitely. Will do that right before my interview post with the brain behind Fi.R.


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