Brush Review: Blush Beauty Travel brushes

3 Feb 2012

At the Blush End of Year bash, i picked up 2 of their brushes. These look so much like Bobbi brown brushes as they have the cream and black which is a signature Bobbi Brown colour (i actually asked if they were BB brushes first when i saw them)

i got the liner brush (or at least it looks like a liner brush just a little bit wider but with a tip suitable for lining) and a powder brush.

liner brush and powder brush
close-up view. Both are made of natural bristles and initial shedding while using is to be expected for the powder brush. it does come off a little while in use but this is very well compensated for by the fact that it buffs powder products very well.
I have used both of them and i must say that

- the powder brush is a must have (i am getting a second one for myself as this one has been included into my professional brush belt). The short handle makes it easy to hold and it buffs into the skin perfectly. The size gives off the assumption that it covers only small areas at a time but with regular use one notices that it covers medium to large areas equally well and effectively.

- the liner has no particular unique features. It is easy to hold due to its petite handle and it will also be suitable for people who regularly use angled liner brushes. 

If i had to choose, i would prefer to have purchased 2 of the powder brushes and i am definitely looking forward to owning a second one of it. 
For those who would prefer to have a complete set of brushes to carry around, Blush also has a full set of travel brushes.

*All products were purchased by me. The opinions expressed in this post are my candid opinions and i have not been sponsored to write this post.



  1. The powder brush looks really nice!

    1. @that igbo chick it definitely is. I'm getting myself a second one very soon.


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