Makeover 1923 with Fi.R: Florence

7 Feb 2012

A friend of my sister's came over to keep us company during the national strike in January. We were all occupying and had nothing to do so i decided to use the opportunity to try out all the new products i got over the holidays.

Here are the pictures i took of Florence using Fi.R cosmetics (Thank you Fifi *jumping, waving my hands in the air*, lol)

Fi.R cosmetics, Nouba and Nigerian gele - all in the mix. Not bad (even if i say so myself)

I used:
Peep, Smurfette and Midnight Sparkle (i must however say that a creme base will bring out the best in these and I can only imagine how they will look when used wet. I cant wait to try it out)

For her lips i used 2 nude lippies to form the peachy nude she has on and for the second lip, i used the Nouba l/g.

I must say that i am looking forward to using these pigments again for a more dramatic look.
What is your verdict on this makeover? Did i nail it?

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