1923 Face of the Day: All Bare with MUD (Pt. 2)

11 Feb 2012

In the first week of 2012, I found myself reaching for my MUD l/g in bare more often than not and due to my always rushing out and being late for appointments and events, my bare lip is always paired with a nude look *sorry*

I had the same look 2 days in a row in the  same week. I was unexpected to my office (even though it was still a holiday as far as i was concerned) and i woke up late (holiday hangover) so i definitely did not have the time for an over the top made up face (even though i would have loved considering that i hadnt used lots of colour in my makeup for a long while).

Well here are pictures of me being bare with MUD and nude faced on the second day:

All the products used are the same as All Bare with MUD (Pt. 1) with the exception of the Jordana twist-up e/l pencil in Blue Devine.

I am at a loss as to which look i prefer. Which look do you prefer?

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