1923 Visits 'Taries Beauty World'

10 Feb 2012

Hello everyone, 

This is the first post in my 1923 Visits series which will feature members of the Nigerian beauty industry ie. makeup artists, fashion designers, salons, spas etc. I visit them, spend the day with them either as a colleague or an assistant and the best part is i learn something new from them which i share with my blog readers.

My first visit was to Taries Beauty World owned by an enterprising young lady called Tara Akinsulore. She started her business 3 years ago and it has metamorphosed into an enviable enterprise with her being very well known for products sales and bridal makeovers. I was overwhelmed at the extent of her business and her drive to continuously and consistently achieve more. Her dream is to become a skin specialist and she is determinedly and single mindedly pursuing it.

I used to think she was big in size and has a loud voice until i spoke to her over the phone and met here in person and finally, i caught her in her zone and without makeup, lol.

Here are pictures from my visit to her studio:

my first look of the studio/shop
pictures of her works above the mirrors
the entire display of pictures
she has heaps of shelves filled with all the products she retails and i must say that they are a lot. She also sells a lot of less known professional brands (and she just started selling Cinema Secrets *swoon*)
ROFL, she is going to kill me but i caught her in her element.
I was opportune to see her work on a Client as it was beginning to seem as if i wouldnt get a chance to be her assistant for the day (even though she didn't let me help out)
wiping off the face with makeup wipes
lest i forget, this is me in Taries' Studio *wink*
her brush set
working on the Client's brows (yes i do not subscribe to a razor but the Client was pretty adamant about not using anything else *shrug*)
after which she used astringent, moisturiser, face primer and No Sweat (i was seeing and hearing about that for the first time *covering face*)
Cinema Secrets foundation and Alcone concealer palette (will you believe that the Client that the shade of foundation used for her was too dark? SMH)
After foundation and concealer (she still wasn't convinced it was her correct shade)
drawing the brows
using a q-tip to clean out smears and smudges
e/s primer
and we are all done
the hard part - gele tying
and we are finally done
Did i mention that Tara also does bridal hair and nails?
After cracking our brains for something new to teach me, we finally decided that perhaps caring for my natural, short nails by buffing and polishing would be perfect.

first time seeing this. Apparently, it is used for drying gel nails *confused look on my face*
I sincerely hope you guys see the difference in the pictures below. They are pictures of my nails transformation.

my right hand before
Push back the cuticles,
use a buffing block (remember to check the roughness of the sides and use the side suitable for your nails. I have medium strength nails so she used the not so rough side)  to buff the nails removing dirt that causes the nails to look brownish and also smoothen them. Then proceed with another polisher block to polish the nails
aaargh, i sincerely hope it is visible. my right hand and my left hand. (believe me when i say that my nails were all shiny and really smooth. they looked real pretty)
my goodies - an elf buffing block, a regular buffing block, an elf sharpener and a mini e/s duo which was a gift from Tara (thank you dear)

I had a very fun and enlightening day and I am looking forward to the next 1923 visit.

*To check out Taries Beauty World, go to their website http://tariesworld.com/ or visit their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TariesWorldMakeOver 


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