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15 Feb 2012

I  am very sure you all thought i had forgotten all about this interview. Ha, i gotcha! i hadnt and here it is now.

Less than a month after the creation of the Nigerian MUAs group and also about a month after I became a serious blogger, I went to the Launch of a new Nigeria makeup & hair brand – Zaron. A couple of weeks after, I went to the shop and was personally introduced to Oke and the rest they say is history.

A former employee of Zenith Bank and a graduate of Leeds Business school, Oke stumbled on the fact that there was an increased awareness of Nigerian women wanting to always put their best face forward and having a certain way they wanted to look. She decided that perhaps she should provide them with just such a product to enable them always look their best.

With her thesis in Cosmetics and extensive research into makeup, she created the Zaron brand (named after her 2 daughters Zara and Ona). A lightweight, water based product formulated to work with and not against our tropical environment. It enhances the appearance of the skin (as makeup is supposed to do) but also moisturizes it as most of the products contain shea butter.

Your first view of the shop as soon as you step in
Yes Zaron has a hair range too but i aint going to be caught talking about hair when i dont know jack about it, lol.

1923 Blog: What is the USP of Zaron? 

Packaging and price

1923 Blog: In your opinion, which products in the range are a makeup artist must-have?

All of them (said with a laugh). Actually, of all the products, i would say the brow definer, the lip glosses and the eye shadows.

1923 Blog: How has it been so far?

Very challenging but also very rewarding. Zaron has been able to make massive inroads into the market and is now very well accepted in the market and amongst consumers. We currently have distributors in Ikota, Ikeja, Lagos Island, Port Harcourt, Benin, Ghana and London. We will be opening in Abuja in the first quarter of 2012.
All Abuja based Nigerian MUAs, I am sure you are happy to hear that.

1923 Blog: What category is Zaron?Premium or just affordable

High quality at premium price

when you get to the Zaron shop, the red and black colour totally envelopes you right from the
reception area
1923 Blog: Is it mineral, oil or water based? 

Water based

1923 Blog: Why should people choose Zaron?

It is a product specifically formulated for the Nigerian skin and weather.

1923 Blog: What is the positioning of this relatively new brand?

We want to be firmly positioned as a “lifestyle brand with a CSR focus” 
I am yet to hear of a Nigerian brand that is CSR focused so this is definitely a first. Do you know that some of their proceeds actually for to charity?

One of the readers left a comment on an earlier Zaron post. You can read it here
This was her comment:
Well i just hauled their "oil control" foundation. let's hope it stays true to its name. i like how dry the concealer is. my best buy was the pen liquid liner, been longing to buy online for a while. The purple mascara is a plus too. I spotted 2 lip glosses in coral-ish and red-ish. But i think the place needs to be put together more. i was barely noticed when i entered. So is Zaron for business/gain or simply for pleasure? Please ask in your future interview, ciao!"
and now I am asking.

1923 Blog: 
1. Is Zaron for business gain or pleasure?

All business is for profit but aside from only profit, it always give me great pleasure to hear customer testimonials and see how satisfied people are after using our products.

2. Customer service needs to be improved upon 

We have taken note of this and in consideration of the fact that our customers are our assets we have taken time out to ensure that quality customer service is put in place (This also answers the third comment about putting the store together)

 We urge you to visit us again and see the improvements we have made and  thank you for your candid opinion.
I must say that I am looking forward to the release of their liquid foundation this year and you can be sure to get information and a review on that here first
Oke Maduewesi of Zaron Makeup & Hair

1923 Blog: Special message to all your customers

We are a brand with a heart and we are always prepared to ensure your happiness.

Trick question: Who is your favourite vintage diva?

Elizabeth Taylor, her class and sophistication remain unrivalled.


NB: I must say that having being with this brand since its inception, I am a very loyal fan of theirs. This has however not translated into my reviews on the brand and their products. You can be sure that my reviews about them are totally unbiased and truthful.

Please share your opinions of the Zaron brand with us, I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on this brand.


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