Zaron Tea Party

20 Jan 2012

I was at a couple of events towards the end of 2010 and i did promise to share pictures and little tidbits of them with you all when i returned. Well, the Zaron Tea Party was one of them. Do you remember the very first Zaron Tea party i attended? If you don't then you should check out this post

Aside from the fact that it was a very dramatic day for me - first at the hair salon and then my camera battery was low and because i had an evening engagement (which turned out to be a huge disappointment but i will say nothing about it here) I decided to save it for that one and use my phone inside. This tea party was very well attended and i took loads of pictures. Please forgive me for not knowing the names of the various individuals but you may be able to identify some of them for me.


Some of the guests getting a Zaron makeover.

MJ at work
every getting their makeup groove on.
o la, la, the small chops were to die for. 
what was i doing here? taking a picture of myself through the mirror? *dumb*
 busy, busy, busy

Abiba (if you need any information on Zaron products pricing, she is the one to talk to) an d a guest.

i really think they were going to hide so i wouldnt take pictures of them eating, lol.
my plate of delicacy .................... ok, i confess, i actually had a second plate after this, phew!

Oke and some of the guests
we can finally reach for our BB, thank God.
the lady in red is Rita Idehen of Hair Limited. Her salon will be appearing soon on my blog as i am scheduled to visit her salon. No fixed date yet but you will be the first to know.

awww, she was the star of the party but she absolutely refused to let me take a pretty picture of her. i say this pic is still pretty.
a guest trying out her purchase.

hair talk

eyeing the goods
even the kids got to play with makeup too, yippee!

and now its time for the ladies to chat

what better way to end the day than with a hug to say "thank you for coming"
Oke is fast becoming very popular for her tea parties and i always look forward to them too *wink*. Please when is the next one? Did i also mention that there was a huge discount on all Zaron products and makeovers in the month of December? If you didnt take advantage of it ....... well, i have nothing to say to you.

Did you attend a makeup tea party? tell us about it please.


  1. Wow!...looks like you had a blast.Where have i been?Your blog is so informative.Now stalking you....;)...Thanks for stopping by.

    1. @I am Chika, LMAO at the stalking part of your comment. Iv been here since o.
      You are very welcome and I loved your new year post too.
      Thank you for liking my blog *muah*


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