The Ark sails towards CSR

19 Jan 2012

i am seriously hoping i do not get fired for that header but it is sooooo catchy and i could not resist it.
To explain, I work as a Senior Accounts Executive in an Advertising Agency called Noah's Ark (hence the Ark in the title of this post).

Right before we went on holidays for the christmas season, we decided that after moving into a new estate it might also be a good idea to do something for the public schools a walking distance from the estate in which our office is located. Instead of thinking up grand ways to give back to them and buying rice and food stuff and the rest of them (which will be totally useless because it is the end of the year and after Christmas it will be at the bottom of their stomachs), we decided to donate some of the products our Clients manufactured. So cartons of Indomie Noodles and solar powered table lamps were presented to the 2 schools.

Here are pictures from the donation exercise

the first school
my bosses and some journalists who came to cover the 'ceremony'
the remaining students. Some of them had gone home before we arrived.
to see the principal
the vice - principal of the school
my bosses, from left - Victor (Client Service Director) and LA (Managing Director)

cartons of indomie and a carton of primlarks solar powered lamps (it was decided that the lamps would be given out to the best students in every class)
Noah's Ark big boiz, lol.
the vice - principal addressing the students
LA addressing the students
its time for the donation

the vice principal shows the students the lamps
LA explains how the lamps work
and we did it!
the health prefect giving a vote of thanks (we all agreed that she speaks fluent english and her accent is beautiful)
ok, yes i know i said its a walking distance but the sun was really very hot and high up in the sky.
the second school
they were just closing for the day
kids will be kids, they couldnt take their eyes off all the camera holding people
LA addressing the students
putting the goods in place
LA explaining how the lamps work once again and telling them how beneficial it will be to them in study.
and the speech goes on
in deliberations
head boy and head girl snap a pose with LA and Victor (snap a pose? what is that?)
and they all appear in the picture now
i had not taken a picture of me in a while. Im sorry i had to do this.
the head boy giving a vote of thanks
yes, that is my teeth reflecting the light (unfortunately i cant remember the exact toothpaste brand i used,  pity i am sure you all would have loved to use it too)
So it has been generally decided that in this new year, we will commence a mentoring program for these kids and it is possible that every staff will have a child assigned to them. Wouldn't it be nice to have a mini-me? Some one to teach makeup to and how to write about beauty and all that stuff?

Please share with us any recent CSR activities you have engaged in.

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