"Naija Bloggers Get Blushed At Blush"

22 Jan 2012

Oh come on, pun very well intended and i think it reads really well, lol.

Let me start from the beginning.

i owed Olawunmi of Lash-On (1923 Asks Interview with her coming soon) a day as her assistant. I woke up bright and early on that day and arrived promptly at the Blush Boutique where she works out of. I introduced myself to her first Client and waited for her to come.

I guess you remember the first in the 1923 Asks series right? if not click here 1923 Asks Bola. Here are pictures of Wunmi at work

gel pads under the Client's eyes
the process begins
this is serious business, no smiles
And then i saw the Blush staff setting glasses and stuff and making preparations for a party or get-together of sorts

Bola resumed for the day and  brought a second Client with her for Wunmi.

I suspected something was up when i saw Feyishayo aka Feyi Indian at Blush. I just had to ask at that moment what was going on and he said he was there for the Bloggers event. My eyes popped out at that moment (im sure you know why - I Am a Blogger too) because i had not even heard a whisper of such an event. 

Indeed there was a Bloggers Networking event hosted by Nneka of Neks2u.com (who coincidentally i met at the Blush end of year event) and i must say that i was pleasantly surprised to meet a lot of Nigerian bloggers. I however was the only makeup blogger there so i came out tops, yippee! (ROFL)

Here are pictures from the very successful event. Im sorry there are no names on most of them. I am just getting to know them and i dont think it would be nice for me to put in the wrong names. By all means feel free to put down the names of anyone you know in the pictures and also their blog links too:
Feyi beating Bola's face
Feyi and I finally meet after all them plenty FB and BB convos
Cupcakes with Nneka's website address on them. very cute
Folake Ogunlesi (Do you remember Bomb cosmetics from my 1923 Asks Bola post?). A 1923 Asks Folake Ogunlesi post coming up soon.
Feyi beating face for Blush makeup. He was the unofficial makeup artist for that day.
Nneka herself. Kudos girlfriend, i was so happy i was able to gate crash the event, lol.
her shorts were gorgeous
a Nigerian makeup artist i met on that day. She recently relocated to Nigeria
getting ready to have her face beaten
Yvonne aka. Vixen
Moriam Musa (she remembered me from Beauty and the Feast, shocking)
Nneka and Vixen

We all went home with a goodie bag, yippee! you guys know how much i love those. It almost passed me by but trust me, i had to make sure i got one from the first ever Naija Bloggers networking event.

the goodie bag. very pretty i must say
the contents - a branded mug, sweets from Camcam sweets, a copy of Genevieve (an old copy though), a Blush Boutique flier and the Camcam lady's business card.

i loved the sweets. especially the jelly one.
And i came to the conclusion that there must be thousands of individual Nigerian bloggers out there who dont know that there are hundreds of others just like them in different parts of the world (like i didnt know any of them there and they didnt know me either) and so i decided to form a community for Nigerian bloggers all over the world and what better name to call it than Naija Bloggers.

Naija Bloggers Facebook page
All hands on deck, Naija Bloggers need all the support they can get - from Bellanaija and Linda Ikeji's blogs to Stella's Addiction to Modejuridique to gazelle85. Post all blog updates on the facebook page and let the world see us. Like the page via Fb or via this blog, the more likes this page has, the more visible we become.

I had loads of fun at the event and i once again remembered the saying "no place is like home"


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