2011 Christmas Haul

24 Jan 2012

It was the christmas season of the year 2011 and i got this huge haul. This is the largest haul i have ever had and shown you guys too

the entire haul
Gifty's Daughter haul. A fellow MUA who traveled to PH made the purchase for me.
NYX jumno pencils, Nouba Lip gloss, eye liner and duo e/s and a Beauties Factory palette

with flash
without flash
i was so happy to see that the palette was a refillable one.

all ten e/s. interchanging starting from the top right.

these are matte colours with sparkles in them. be careful because the sparkles cause the e/s to fallout during application.
NYX jumbo pencils *finally*
Baby Blue, Milk and Black bean

baby blue, milk and black bean.
this beautiful lip gloss is a vintage red colour and dries matte (its also takes a lot of time and effort to take off so its perfect for when you need a long-stay lip colour)
coloured liner. I am yet to try it though, will be sure to let you know when i do.
My Zaron haul (courtesy of Oke. Thank you soo much!! it was a lovely christmas gift). Individual reviews coming in a subsequent post.
Dark and Lovely lipstick. There is a huge story behind this lipstick but because i was too excited i let myself be cheated by a shop. Details in the DL lipstick review post.

Blush travel brushes. Review in a subsequent post.
Lise glitter (i seem to be attracted to glitter products in this store. They look so pretty), lipgloss (which is a very pigmented wine-ish/purple-ish colour and twist-up eyebrow pencil.
This haul was independent of the one above but it was also in december so i decided to put them together in the same post.
this is one of the most beautiful mascaras ever. I got the brown coloured one but that is now my everyday mascara. it gives a natural full lash effect and i love it. Im on the prowl for another brown and black one for my kit.
see the wand of the mascara. guaranteed volume.
sometime last year afte rone of my various disaster eyebrow episodes i discovered the Wet 'n' Wild eyebrow pencils (yes guys, there comes a time when i use pencil on my brows *wink*. I also use them in my kit as well. I got used to just buying one at a time and then i prowl the market for a new one but this time i went all out and bought 3 at once, lol.

my camera was misbehaving and most of the pics came out blurred *sob*, i wanted you to see the number of the pencil.
Hmmm, Mary-Kate & Ashley cream eyeshadows. Its hard to come by creme bases over here and most times i just use pencils. I stumbled on these late last year and i think they are a very welcome substitute to creme bases (remember to use a primer before using them though as creme products tend to crease more than powder products)
Jordana mascara in blue. I am a coloured mascara and pencil liner fanatic, there is however no market to feed the mascara aspect of my obsession and so everytime i see a new one i buy it to try it out. I got these but they arent so great. the blue isnt as electric and bright as i like them to be. But its an ok mascara (the Jordana pencils are to die for though. Dont know what id do without them)
Ruby Kisses l/g (my second one so far)
This is my haul guys. I have 2 other sample hauls not included here and a brush set i am yet to take delivery of. These will come in subsequent posts but this is the majority of my haul.

Did you get a christmas haul too? Aww, i would love to know what products & items were in yours.


  1. I love...need to get some of the wetnwild eye-shadow palette.Waiting for the reviews

    1. @ooluwaseun, Iv read and watched some good reviews about the palettes by fellow bloggers. Looking forward to getting some of my own too.


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