Blush End of Year bash

28 Jan 2012

O yes, one of my New Year decisions (not resolution because i never keep to my resolutions. Nobody does) is to always go early for any event i am invited for *so help me God, my watch, Lagos traffic and cabs, Amen!*

I was late for this (which i am sure you didnt need to hear but i still had to confess *covering face in shame*) so i do not have soooo many pictures but i will share the ones i do have with you all.

Do i hear someone asking what is Blush? Shame on you but i will help you out by directing you to this post (read it and then you can come back here and enjoy the pictures). Here they are, i got the best shots i could even at such short timing, lol.

this had to be the very first picture. I have told you about Bola's amazing baking skills right? this chocolate cake was sooooo yummy, i can still taste it and feel it practically melting in my mouth as i take a bite oohhh!
the rest of the goodies
Toolz (iv got a picture of her coming up) and another guest getting their makeup done.
the DJ
Bola will officially disown me because i am uploading this picture but i will bear it.
i hope i compensated adequately with this one though.
 after her makeup, i must say though that the brows were absolutely gorgeous

a mushy hug
Neka, a blogger who held the most amazing bloggers event for Nigerian bloggers. more on that in an upcoming post.
yayy, Toolz.
ok, so there is no picture of me and my dear friend Chichi (who came all the way from the mainland for this event), see her pretty hot pink fingers taking a piece of the gorgeous chocolate cake.

the most beautiful log christmas cake i have ever seen. shame i couldnt be there the very next day to share it with them.
It was another gorgeous day of makeup and delicious edibles for me. Which events did you attend during the festive season?

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