1923 Asks 'Eni Lise Balogun of Lise Beauty'

30 Jan 2012

The first time I met Eni Lise was 2 years ago when I went for the Lise Independence sales and got myself the new 88 palette for N8,000. I saw her in the flesh and she said ‘You look pretty’. Im sure she doest remember but my boyfriend and I remember because we went there together.

I was just starting out being a makeup artist and had done just like 2 big jobs one of which was for press ads and not so much makeup was needed. I had become friends with her on FB and seeing her in person and then getting a compliment from her? that was the best thing in the world that happened to me that day, lol.

Lise and I at the launch of Zaron
The next time I had a personal contact with her was on facebook, a few months after I had created the Nigerian MUAs group on facebook and she sent me a very encouraging FB message (thank you so much for that message Eni. Im sure you couldn’t have imagined how much I needed it) and then she sent me another message asking if I would be interested in being the only blogger to cover the LISE Free Makeup Workshop & Review event and also to host a 2 week giveaway of LISE products on my blog you can be sure I took up the offer.

Lise and I at the Lise workshop
She doesn’t like interviews of any sort and I had to practically chase her around the world with the few questions I have below.

1923 Blog: What do you want Lise to be known for? 

Trainings - imparting valuable knowledge into the lives of upcoming makeup artists who register at Lise Makeup School.
the Lise studio signage
1923 Blog: What do you consider the best LISE product?  

Cucumber stress gel

1923 Blog: What, in your opinion, are MUA kit must haves?

Eyebrow shavers, threads and hand sanitizers. MUAs should not be seen using razors (ever). 

1923 Blog: Who are your mentors? 

Michael DeVallis and James Vincent

1923 Blog: If you weren’t a makeup artist what would you have been? 

I love working with my hands so if i was not a makeup artist, i would have been a surgeon

1923 Blog: Most memorable and worst makeup artist experience

Worst: It was the first Monday of the year and it was to be a boat registry, the car got stuck somewhere and I had to take a bike. I was still late and she still blames me till today. It was a very frightful day because I took a bike which I never do. She made me take a bike and yet I didn’t make it in time. Sad story.

My best was an Indian wedding I did in America. It was a calm relaxed atmosphere, I had so much fun, the bride was happy (Eni to send picture)

1923 Blog: What attitude do you think Nigerian MUAs should cultivate? 

Professionalism, the art of listening to what the Client wants and acquiring the right professional tools.

at Beauty & the Feast
1923 Blog: Favourite vintage era and vintage Diva 

The 50s, in my opinion, this was the beginning of fashion and preppy chic. 

Marilyn Munroe is my favourite diva. She is so sexy and embodies a 'woman'