1923 Thought For the Day: My Birthday

26 Jan 2012

thoughts-squiggles-2Today is my birthday, yippee!

But as opposed to my shout for joy, it is a moment of very sober reflection for me (and can you imagine it - i have the flu too). What better time than on this day to ask myself  
What I have been placed in this world to do? 
Have i been doing it? 
Have I impacted the lives of people with it? 
What is it and 
What have i been doing with it?

Im at work and im getting birthday wishes left, right and centre via Blackberry messenger and DP changes, Twitter mentions and DMs, FB posts on my timeline, messages and even on my fanpage . Very overwhelming and some from people I never expected. And i ask myself "did i have so many wishes last year?" The big answer to that is NO. The only thing i can fathom right now is that somehow, in some way or the other, I have impacted on the lives of people in different parts of the world. Enough for them to take minutes our of their 24 hours (which in my opinion isnt even enough time in a whole day) to send me birthday greetings. I can't say how happy this has made me and every single one of you has made my day "Thank you" does not even begin to say how grateful I am for all your birthday wishes.

I am still asking God for direction and a purpose in my life and this year, i am asking for His Grace more than ever. I seek Him wherever He may be found most especially via His word and my prayer more than ever is "Lord, change me! make me a vessel that is useful to Your kingdom, Your people and to my generation"

And to all of you who have taken time out to spare a thought for me today, all i say to myself is somewhere im my youth or childhood, i must have done something goooood!

Thank you and I love you all



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