Wedding 1923: Dayo Adeleye (My very first wedding makeup)

22 Sept 2011

An ardent blog walker tends to go through at least 5 posts in a blog while on a visit. Anyone doing that on my blog and who is very interested in bridal makeup checks out the Mint Green and Gold wedding thinking that it was my first.

My first bridal makeup was actually for one of my best friends. If for nothing else, i appreciate her for trusting me enough to do the makeup for pictures she will show off for the rest of her life, even though i was still very green in makeup then.

Well, im proud to say that even though considering how much more experience and knowledge i have now than then, i didnt bungle it but im really proud of the results. here are the pics of her wedding.
this is my best of the lot. I always bring it out.

Thank you girlfriend for believing in me enough to give me such a vital part of your day.


  1. Beautiful work, the bride looks stunning. :]

  2. Wow! Do i know the bride? lol
    Wonderful work, girlfriend.


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