1923 Face of the Day and Sacred Lashes Red Carpet Glamour Entry: Starlet red

23 Sept 2011

So there is this competition I entered in. Its called Red Carpet Glamour and is hosted by Sacred Lashes
The idea of the competition is to do a red carpet look and pick the celeb you would like to replicate this look on. Here is my makeup entry

And the celeb is Beyonce.

Why Beyonce you might ask. Well, she usually has a gorgeous bronzey look going on but she isnt your average Red lip rocking Hollywood star so iv got her bronzey look going on but with a red lip. I think she’d look gorgeous in a Red lip like this.

Lest I forget, here are the prizes up for grabs (all from Lise)
4 Lise gel liners and the 88 neutral palette. Along with some Sacred Lashes.

So get voting and if I win, I get to do more product reviews for Nigerian brands e.g. Lise and Sacred Lashes.

So good people start voting at midnight today and your truly gets to win and bring 4 lovely reviews (5 including the lashes) to you on monday.
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