Product Review: L’Oreal tester lipsticks & others

21 Sept 2011

Hello everyone,

Yesterday, I received a couple of L’Oreal tester lippies, Maybelline Mousse foundation and a Lancome eye cream all for review (not directly from L’Oreal though but from another source who sought out my opinion).

I decided to try them on with the look i had on for the day which matched them perfectly (i hope).

Here they are

Teinte 400 (Rouge Ingenue) - a beautiful pinkish red colour. Beautiful pigmentation and  very bright. For those bright,  days when the sun is shining. I cant wait to try it on a dark skinned beauty.
Teinte 501 (Orange Explosif) - a light orange. Also well pigmented. Beautiful on lighter skinned complexions but who says i cant try it on other skin shades. Im thinking it will be better on warm undertone skins but you never know.

Studio Secrets 860 (Brown) - very plain name i must say and it isnt even brown at all. It has a slight burgundy tone in it which doesnt over power the colour due to the fact that the l/s is of a sheer, creamy texture. Gloss wont be needed with this unless the look demands it. Smooth and creamy consistency. Glides along the lip leaving behind a sheen after application.

Lancome Intensive Recovery Anti-wrinkle eye cream - Im yet to try this out but i can tell you that when you hear 'Lancome' quality and packaging is never disappointing. I love the sleek packaging (pls ignore the paper packaging for this). It has an inner seal cover which keeps the cream cool (we all know that it is always advisable to put eye cream in the refridegerator but you dont have to do that with this).
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in 070 Cocoa -  obviously not my shade but ever since the dream mousse came out i have read and heard so many good reviews about it and i cant wait to try it out on someone.
The first 2 l/s which were actually testers have good pigmentation. But the consistency of the formula is very poor as it does not go on smooth during application. More than one application is needed for excellent colour pay-off. I would advise that as a tip, the ring finger be used to pat down the l/s during application to lock it into the lip so it does not smear. Kevyn Aucoin's tip will also come in handy here (check out his book Making Faces for his lip application tricks).

For me though, I can forgive the poor formulation a bit but since these products are still in the test phase, id say more work be done on the formula to achieve the smooth, creamy texture needed to achive the desired finish as i believe they are to be crème lipsticks.

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