Weekend Plans

5 Aug 2011

Yaaaaay! the weekend is here.
Perhaps, i shouldnt be so happy, perhaps i should.

Today after work, im attending the formal launch of the ROF (i mentioned them in an earlier mail) 2012 resort collection and tomorrow im working at a friends fashion show as the makeup artist. He makes T-shirts, shirts, jackets and the like, the fashion show tomorrow however is for the T-shirts alone and its a beach fashion show. There was no artistic theme for the show apart from the fact that its a beach fashion show so i came up with a theme for the makeup - beach/summer = bright eyes & bright lips.

Im also giving my new assistant her trial. Well, i work and sometimes i get gigs i cant go for cos of work so i have to get an assistant. She is doing her trial tomorrow and if she is good (in my opinion) she is hired. Of course there are other things im looking out for but in the meantime, i just need her to do good makeup.

I hope to take pictures at both events and you can be sure that i will be sharing them with you all.

Have a wonderful weekend too and id love to know what your plans for the weekend are too so please leave a comments.

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  1. My assistant just sent me a text that she will be unable to work with me until September due to exams that she is having.

    Anybody interested? be sure to contact me


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