ROF 2012 Resort Collection

8 Aug 2011

Hello everyone,

How was your weekend? Mine was very hectic and ended with my boyfriend getting sick so iv not yet slept properly and this morning (its afternoon now actually. Took a while to upload the pics) im hard at work and trying to keep time with a Client who is bent on harassing us this morning.

So here are the pictures of the ROF 2012 Resort 'Echizen' launch and the people who were there. Enjoy!

ROF Slippers

My boyfriend checking out the clothes (planning on getting me one i hope)

Notice the jellyfish designs on the walls? Thats Echizen for you

ROF Hats


More guests

The designers - Carmen and Selina Sutherland (Their sister can be seen in one of the other pics wearing one of the ROF hats)


I actually shared my opinions about the photoshoot makeup with one of the sisters and she totally agreed with me. She took my card and thus yours truly will very soon be working with ROF as their makeup artist.

The ROF pop-up shop will be open till Thursday and they are calling it Sangria Thursday. So if you can, check it out and become a member of Republic Foreigner.

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