Republic of Foreigner

4 Aug 2011

Two years ago (or thereabouts) a friend of mine invited me for an event which was to be a kind of open market for various small entrepreneurs and vendors. This friend of mine is into beads (infact, ill write another post for her). In the meantime, this particular post is about 2 sisters we met there who had their own fashion line. They were just starting out and i could see that they were really influenced by art. They were (are called) Republic of Foreigner. You can check out their website here. The collections there included Diamond in the ROF, Vintage and Yanga.

ROF has an artsy, free, vintage and Bohemian feel about it. It looks like something Asa would wear if she was into feminine and romantic clothing. As a matter of fact, it looks like something i myself wouldn't mind wearing at all.

I visited Bellanaija this morning and saw a post titled Republic Of Foreigner (R.O.F) debuts 2012 Resort Collection - 'Echizen'. The name Echizen was literally inspired by a beautiful yet invasive species of jellyfish  found in the Pacific Ocean.

Read about the collection and check out the rest of the collection on the ROF website or Bellanaija.

Who agrees with me when I say that 'Geek chic' & bright lips makeup would have been perfect for the collection?

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