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17 Aug 2011

When i sit and think of the look Im going for i have a couple of questions on my mind
  • How do i feel today?
  • What am i wearing today?
  • Where am i going today?
  • What am i doing today?
  • Who am i meeting (or likely to meet) today?
Note my first question. Yes, the way makeup looks and reacts with our skin is very dependent on the way we feel that day. If i feel a bit down (mostly i dont use makeup on does days, like today), i use just powder, pencil liner and mascara and lip gloss (I didnt even use all these today. Im au naturel today)

On days when i feel cheerful and im going to work, i use foundation (in the places i need it and not all over my face), under eye concealer (i have terrible dark circles around my eye) and powder. I recently made blush a staple for my everyday makeup and a bit of bronze highlighter on my cheeks. The rest of the makeup depends on the time factor. If i have an outing i.e. a wedding, church service, a party etc. i go all out and do all the works. Well, mostly im happy to be going out so my makeup always looks good when i am.

So you dont believe me when i say the way we feel affects the way our makeup looks? Try it out. I will be waiting to hear what your comments and observations are……

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