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16 Aug 2011

thoughts-squiggles-2I wake up in the morning like over a billion other people, i have my bath, apply my cream, deodorant etc., say a prayer, wear my clothes and sit down to do my makeup. Then I pause. Applying my makeup in the mornings is a thought process. It starts with me first moisturizing my face. While waiting for my skin to absorb the moisturizer i begin to think of what look I am going for.

This line of thought goes in so many diverse areas that sometimes get so frustrating i end up doing a neutral eye and going to work. You might ask, Why? or How come? I will tell you.

For me, makeup isnt just about colours or textures or finishing. It is a total package. It is a reflection of who i am and what i am. it says a lot about my confidence level and my mood for the day. It totally defines my personality and how people outside see me.

I stop and think to myself: When people see me do they think – she is down-to-earth, she is approachable, she is a lot of fun, she is confident and vivacious OR do they think – she is arrogant, she is over confident, she is not a listener, she is a snob.

My makeup says a lot about me to myself and to other people…..


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