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17 Aug 2011

Sometimes i wish i was a girly girl, with nothing to trouble my head with but the frills and thrills of this world. To wear dresses and go shopping and never have to think a serious thought in this world. (Wouldn't that be great?)

A girly girl has no troubles aside the freckles on her nose, the pimples on her cheeks, the colour of her lipstick, a speck on her chin ……

As the saying goes “If wishes were horses, even beggars would ride” But why aren't wishes horses? Wouldn't the world be a very lively place if it were?

Why can’t i wish to go shopping everyday instead of going to work everyday?Why can’t i wish to sleep in late instead of waking up at the crack of dawn? Why can’t i wish i had a smooth, flawless skin instead of spending so much on skincare and enriching another’s pocket?

If wishes were horses, everybody would be lazy, poor and a beggar.

Never mind my rantings. these are the words of a headache induced brain. I like my advertising job, i love my makeup job. One is duty, the other is passion. I'd go for passion any day, anytime, but the call of duty is equally as strong.

Please tell me, which would you go for? passion, duty, the girly life or the serious one? Would you prefer to have all your wishes come true and never have to lift a finger in your life?

I don't know which i prefer. Perhaps i have to live a little bit longer. But id love to know which you prefer.


  1. I wouldn't realize all my wishes. I swear.
    I think there are some desires you HAVE TO TRY to reach and, if you can't, it's enough you fight for them with all your strength and passion and duty (passion and duty aren't so contradictive sometimes! :)
    There are many wishes it's right they stay where they are, they aren't so needful, at last, they are just... Wishes. Not wished :)

    1. @gnoma, very well said. I am trying to reach some of them and im definitely fighting with all my strength. I am yet to get to the conclusion though - passion or duty?


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