4 Dec 2013

My Hair & Elsie Vintage in 'Vintage Bun'

Hello lovelies,

My hair in a bun and a flirty vintage skirt are an absolutely gorgeous pair.
I decided not to fuss with my makeup and settled for a smokey line around my eyes with a slight hint of pink (which came from my blush). I had just loosened my hair from corn-rows hence the straight look.

p.s. this is how I always achieve a stretched look for my hair. In the almost 2 years I have had my natural kinky hair, I have not used any heat or stretching tools on it.

The eyes are fashion fair midnight pencil which I smudged with a pencil brush.
The top is satin and was given to me by my sister.
The skirt is from Elsie Vintage
posted this on Instagram. Not sure about it but since it got 15 likes I guess people like it then.
Darkchildlovethyhair said...

You look lovely and as always I am feeling your afro puff (and eyebrows lol)

Sonya Mann said...

Very cute! You're so put-together :)

Olufunmi Afolabi said...

Cute outfit..love ur hair


StyleFash25 said...

Love your hair. And the look is fab. Pretty skirt


Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

gimme your brows! lol. I like your hair

Dobby said...

Gosh!!! Love the brows and the hair...Luvly :)

Itoro Usoro said...

Wow Barbara. Your hair has grown. Your brows tho! Love them!