4 Oct 2012

Product Review: Prestige Liquid Ink Eyeliner

This was the very first product I purchased at the fair and I got this on a whim. As you all know I am not an overtly colourful person when it comes to makeup so I still wonder what made me turn to a bright, shimmery, turquoise liquid liner.
Prestige Liquid Liner
I have always found it difficult to maneuver liquid liners with long applicators so I really like the fact that this has a short one. 
Before use, this product has to be shaken vigorously as it tends to settle and become less vibrant.
A swatch
see how vibrant it is. Had to douse it a bit with a line of black liquid liner
- Beautiful pigmentation
- Vibrant colour
- Water proof and smudge proof
The only downside to this product comes if you forget to shake before use. I forgot the first time and got a line of clear liquid.
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