16 Aug 2012

1923 Face of the Day: T-shirt Brown

I have no idea how this happened but I ended up with this classy & simple look on a friday. Why the fuss about having this look on friday you may ask. Well, fridays are the days we dress super casual to work and some people even wear print outfits or native attires.

I was wearing a round neck T-shirt and jeans on this day and when I was done with my makeup, I did feel like I should be in a dress and heels instead of jeans and tee.

I used the same products as in this post

Sleek foundations and powders for highlight & contour
Zaron translucent oil control loose powder to highlight under my eyes and forehead
BM Pro red eyeshadow as blush

Fashion fair frost eyeshadows
Orekelewa twist-up pencil
Voluminous mascara

Fashion Fair lip colour

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