How To: Long Lasting Lipstick

17 Aug 2012

Hello everyone,

I recently posted a picture on my facebook page of my last week friday red lipstick look which lasted for 15 hours. I promised to share my tips for long lasting lipstick and here is a How-To on it.
Right - 8am; Left - 11pm
The steps to achieving this look are as follows:

  1. Moisturize lips: I always apply a lip balm to my lips prior to doing my makeup. My lips are the last step in my makeup process so by the time I get to it, the product would have being absorbed by my lips.
  2. Line & fill the lips: this is an entirely optional process for me. But if your lipstick is a sheer one with a light formulation, this step could see you through to long lasting lips. Line and fill your lips with the pencil. After filling, blot ie. press lips together firmly on a tissue (*do not rub lips together on the tissue). Reapply liner and blot again. By this time, the colour would have been embedded into the lips and your lips should look like they have a matte colour on them.
  3. Apply lip colour: Apply your lipstick generously following the same motions as with the pencil ie. apply, blot, apply, blot. Finish off with a final coat of lip colour.

nb: with the Tara lipstick, i usually skip step 2 and just move on to step 3.
Tara Orekelewa lipstick in Funke N1,400

Other points to note are:
- Behave just as you would with your regular lip colour on. These steps do not make your lip smudge proof so always remember you have colour on your lips.
- Rubbing your lips together or using your finger to press colour into your lips is allowed during the application process.
- Do not apply gloss on your lips at anytime during the day as this will shorten the period of time your lip colour stays on.
- Lip colours with thick formulations & matte/satin finishes are better suited for this.
the total look (without earrings, lol)
I tried it again on sunday. This time with a creamy lipstick (I also skipped step 2 for this. I have a  feeling that I would have had much better results if I had not skipped that step. Well, at least I learnt that)
after church almost 11 hours later.
(I apologise for the ugly zit)
I am still experimenting with various lipstick/lip colour finishes and different application methods and will definitely be documenting them in upcoming posts.

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  1. Great tips! Will give these a try.

    Your makeup looks flawless!

    Lola | xx

    1. Thank you dear. Do try the tips out and let me know how they worked out. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Thank God I found you,lol I think I first came across you on youtube I'm not sure when I finally got my internet working I couldn't remember the name again,the time is 2:17 am I hav no idea what I was doing I browsed black radiance bronzer and Wala! Your picture came up under images,I love your looks so natural and everyday friendly keep up d good work!

    1. Thanks dear. I am glad you found me again. My name or picture does pop up under the funniest keywords, I am heading out to google Black Radiance too now, LOL


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