1923 Face of the Day: Green Smile

18 Aug 2012

I have been going through a couple of different makeup phases in recent times. Right now I am going through a red lipstick/no eye makeup phase but before then it was a smokey eye/clear lip makeup phase. I did this green smokey eye look during that phase and I must admit that it came out much better than in my mind before I began the application process.

I have a green smokey eye makeup post already but this is an entirely different take on that look as you will notice from the green colour which is past the crease and the lid of the eye looking much darker which suggests a darker eyeshadow colour in that area.

Sleek foundations and powders for highlight & contour
Zaron translucent oil control loose powder to highlight under my eyes and forehead
BM Pro red eyeshadow as blush
Zaron eye brow definer

Beauties Factory black and green eye shadows
Orekelewa twist-up eye pencil
Ever sheen blue eye pencil
Voluminous mascara

Ever sheen brown lip liner pencil
Fashion Fair lip colour

Products used:


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