30 May 2012


Hello everyone,

By now you know that along with being a freelance makeup artist and makeup/beauty blogger & writer, I am also an Advertising Executive. I work full-time in an Advertising Agency, happily, we recently broke a record and became the first Nigerian Agency to appear in Lurzer's Archive. You can read all about it in my Lurzer's Archive post

Yes this is a makeup/beauty blog but I also said that once in a while I will publish posts about work. I am sure you all must have noticed the WORK tab. This is to showcase all the posts about my Advertising job and my office.

Being that the name of my office is Noah's Ark, we tend to name all our in-house activities Ark-something. We have Arknowledge, State of the Ark and Arkmusement.

- Arknowledge is our friday in-house seminars where everyone is given a marketing/branding/advertising topic to enlighten the rest of us on.

- State of the Ark monthly meetings where we just have fun or discuss important affairs.

- Arkmusement (lol) im sure the 'musement' part has given you an intro into what this is about. These are the days when we decide to step out of the Ark and go into the real world.

Well, the WORK tab will showcase all these and perhaps some of our Client's activities too.

Let us travel into the Ark and fraternize with some of the animals within.

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