19 Jan 2012

Beauty OverDose + Jimi Tewe = a free pass giveaway

A little info about Jimi Tewe

Jimi Tewe is the CEO of Inspiro Consulting, a Career Services & Human Resource Management firm located in Lagos Nigeria. Inspiro Consulting enjoys a strategic partnership with CareerLeader, a Global Career Coaching firm based in Boston Massachusetts.

Jimi has a hard-to-find track record in his varying background experiences in two consulting firms, a non-profit-organization and two banks. Due to his rare blend of professionalism and excellence, he became a Senior Manager of one of Nigeria’s top five banks in only 5 years after NYSC (a feat which usually takes up to 13 years of regular career progression).

He’s authored two books (“Where Did All My Money Go” and “Getting a Good Job Easily”) and a yet to be published book, “Free from Corporate Slavery.” Jimi also has diverse materials that help young people reach their maximum potential.

Jimi’s personal interest is people development. He does this through coaching, inspirational speaking, and mentoring. He is a Pastor with Kingsword Ministries International. Jimi also trains corporate bodies and private individuals and anchors a radio program (The Interview) every Tuesday on City 105.1FM.
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Today, 2 readers of this blog will win 2 free passes to Jimi Tewe's workshop on the 29th of January and will also go home with a copy of his brand new book - Corporate Slavery  
all courtesy of BeautyOverDose Magazine

Who will the winners be?

Why should you win a free pass to the Jimi Tewe workshop? 
Winners will be randomly chosen on Sunday

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