6 Oct 2011

Product Review: Zaron Makeup

Over the weekend, i got 2 bags from Zaron, lol. One was my Independence Day purchase along with 4 samples i got and the other was the goodie bag from the Tea party held on the 3rd of October. 

Here they are, seperately

the Zaron bag is a red bag which is o so lovely. the camera didnt catch the red colour properly in this picture
the flap of the bag can be sealed via this velcro strip. isnt that cool? so your purchases dont fall out of the bag

so this is my independence day haul. From top - Oil control mineral loose powder, stick foundation/concealer, lipgloss, sample eyeshadows, sample lipglosses

unlike a lot of loose powders in the market which scatter and go everywhere as soon as they are open, the Zaron loose powder is proof to all this as it has a wheel cover which you can turn to cover the powder opening when not in use. I totally love this concept.
first and last swatch are sample e/s 2 and middle swatches are sample e/s 1

sample lip glosses and swatches

Stick foundation/concealer

All Zaron products have Jojoba seed oil, Castor oil and shea butter. This means they have moisturizing qualities and wont dry out the skin. This is a huge plus.

swatches of the glosses. From left - 24 karat (full size gloss), samples glosses in pink and orange.

my goodie bag from the tea party.
Im sorry i have no pictures from the Tea party. i will be sure to have pictures of it next time


 - the packaging is beautiful. You guys know how much i love red and black right?
- the products are lightweight. One word describes the Zaron product and package airy and when i heard it, saw the products and carried them, i just had to agree.
- The eyeshadows are highly pigmented (as you can see from the swatches) and i must say that i am very impressed at the quality.
- the lipglosses are not too thick and not too light. They have enough pigmentation to coat the lips with colour. they last until you eat or drink and then they go off. But this is common with glosses. Did i mention that when i used it i didnt have to use my lip balm before application? i lined my lips and then applied the gloss and my lips felt moisturized, courtesy of the moisturizing ingredients in the products.
- the Zaron foundations are not in the market yet but i was able to see one of the samples of it in use. It is liquid and it is full coverage. It also has the other qualities of the Zaron brand, light formulation, moisturizing ingredients and airy.

Im yet to find any cons in this product and id recommend it for anyone - both professionals and non-professionals. Keep it up and i must say that im proud to be associated with this brand.

*sample products were provided by Zaron for review. All other full size products were purchased by me. 
*All opinions expressed in this post are mine.
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