One Lovely Blog Award

3 Oct 2011

If you are a follower of my blog, you will know that i recently received the 'One Lovely blog award' from The Relentless Builder. i was so excited and i cant tell you how much this meant to me cos it means that somehow, someway, im doing something right. Thank you so much girlfriend, i really appreciate it.

So, apparently there are some rules to accepting this and they are as follows:

- Link back the person who gave you the award
- Tell 7 random things about yourself
- Nominate 15 bloggers for the award (they are supposed to be newly discovered blogs but... *shrugs shoulder some are, some arent )
- Answer a couple of questions (that sounds easy right? i dont think so)

But im going to start from the 2nd easy part, Nominate 15 bloggers (a very eclectic mix as you will see)
1. Musings..Illusions...Delusions
2. Shirley
3. Vintage Musings of a modern pinup
4. Chic therapy
5. White list
6. Stella's Addiction
7. Polishically Uncorrect
8. Flora D
9. HeidiStylHix
10. Sherry Blossom
11. Lauren Clark
12. Eman
13. Shades Professional
14. Chyder5
15. Seriously Doughnuts

7 Random things about myself:
- I was a member of 2 dance groups and an active member at that (i still miss it sometimes)
- I write literary pieces i call 'Abstracts'
- I wish i was a twin
- Iv never travelled outside Nigeria before (looking forward to doing that very soon)
- Beans is my favourite food
- I am very lazy
- Im going to dance a waltz on my wedding day

- Favourite colour
     That has got to be black (not because of anything apart from the fact that it goes with everything)
- Favourite song
     I dont have any
- Favourite dessert
     Dark forest gateau (im watching my weight seriously cos im prone to being fat, or else id have this every other day)
- What pisses you off
     Stupidity. I hate having to tell someone everything. Its better u take the initiative by yourself and it turns out crooked than do nothing at all.
- When you are upset
   I can be the worst person in the world. i turn into a completely different person (good news is.... i hardly get upset. Just pissed off mostly)
- Your favourite pet
     None. If i was forced to choose, perhaps it'd be Lions (its the king of the jungle. why choose a subject?)
- Black or White?
     definitely black
- Your Biggest fear
     Not having God by my side in anything i set my heart to do cos only He can bring success to every venture
- Everyday attitude
     Step into the day with bold, wide and happy strides
- Your best feature
     im not really sure but a couple of people will say my hips (they are such a nuisance sometimes)
- What is perfection?
     The perfect will of God
- Guilty pleasure
     Technology (i love electronics, computers, phones, ipads, ipods etc.anything that seems complex to operate but is an advanced technology). You will never guess though unless i tell you.

Iv loved accepting my very first blog award and i hope you enjoy this post as much as i have loved writing it.



  1. You're very welcome.

    So you used to dance (or still dance)? Well, maybe we'll see some of your moves one of these days *wink*

    LOL @ wishing you were a twin...I was going to say it is over-rated, but it's's GREAT!

    Lion as a pet? Lord, have mercy ... I hope you put it in a cage.

    I was shocked to see Chyder 5 (Chidi Nwankwo) here. I did not know he had a blog and actually knew him in UNILAG...Small world, right?!

    I love gadgets too ...

    I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. LWKMD, i totally had fun writing this.

    Hey, like i said the Lion is the king of the jungle so why should i pick one of its subjects?

    Im so glad you loved it. thanks

  3. Hey Barbs!!! Just seen your comment now! Been a while! Great blog you've got here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it! :-) :-) :-D

  4. thanks Segun. your blog is really cool too.

  5. @Chic Therapy, it was my pleasure.

  6. I'm late, I know it, but thank you veeeeeery much! <3
    I'm not very active, but I always read your blog and it's amazing to my eyes. really. It's something different in a very good way, and I'm glad you mentioned me on your blog.
    Since i think you deserve a lot lot lot lot more followers, I gave you an award for upcoming bloggers, hope you are happy for this!!! <3

  7. thank you so much Gnoma. this is so lovely - 2 blog awards in less than 3 months. im tickled pink

  8. Congratulations and thank you Barbara! I haven't looked at my blog site in a while. Looks like I have some (more) work to do. You keep rising!

    1. Thank you dear and I look forward to more updated posts on your blog.


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