Effortlessly Chic: How to Wear Pink Makeup to the Office and still Look Professional

4.7.24 Lagos, Nigeria

I've always disliked the colour pink.

I really never have and that has been long before I even understood anything about undertones and how there are blue-based pinks, neutral-toned pinks, etc.

It has been over 2 decades now and I find myself reaching out for pink blush, pink eyeshadow or even pink lipsticks for days I just want a quick, fast but soft makeup look. It just works and I know why - in some cunning way, pink suits every undertone. Check this out!

Here are some of my tried, tested and proven true ways of wearing pink makeup to work:

  1. A Wash of Colour: this is my favourite eyeshadow application method and involves applying a really pigmented pink eyeshadow (or blush shade) to the eyelid area with a fluffy eye brush. If I'm using a blush for the pink eye colour, I apply this subtle wash of colour with a blush brush. A matte finish is the best option as you don't want to be all glimmery and shiny in the office. You just want to look gorgeous without being outrageous.
  2. Soft Blush: This is almost like a wash of colour too, but on the cheeks this time around. For those of us who don't blush ín colour', the trick is to ensure the shade of pink complements your skin perfectly and apply it enough so just a hint of colour shows up on your skin. Don't worry, if you pack on too much unknowingly, a swipe of powder will tone it down.
  3. A Pink Pout: if you work in an informal environment like some of us, then a bold pink lipstick would be perfect. If your work environment tends towards formal, a nude pink lipstick is exactly what you need - it gives off that pink shade without overpowering. Use a brown liner, apply a smack of gloss over it and you'll have people wondering why they are constantly giving you a second glance all day.

When it comes to office makeup, my SOLE aim is to look like myself but better. Classy, sophisticated and well put together. That should be your goal too when wearing pink makeup to the office. 

That is aside from the added factor of pink being a girlie colour, so make sure to be your feminine best self on that day.

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