Mastering Weekly Wash-Day Tips for Natural Hair, on a 9-5 Schedule

13.5.24 Lagos, Nigeria

One would think that after so many years of wearing my hair the exact way it grew out of my scalp would make it less of a chore. But, the more I progress in my career and attain leadership roles, the more tedious it becomes because I have less time for it and wish there was a way I could wave a magic wand and it would be clean and styled each week. 

Alas, it isn't so 😞

A simple routine I adopted last year (and I mentioned here), is frequent hair washes. Preferably, weekly. They have really simplified the hair maintenance process for me even though it may seem that they have made it more complicated. But, let me explain how weekly washes have become the answer for me with my hectic schedule and insufficient time.

  • Recondition Your Mind
I remind myself why I need to wash my hair weekly, the benefits to my hair and how much shorter it makes wash day is a ploy I have devised to get my brain to not only process the information that I need to wash it weekly but also remember that it needs to be washed weekly. 

Previously, there were times I forgot my hair needed to be washed so reconditioning my mind included inserting a reminder button

  • Don't Splurge on Products
People say to me all the time that 'maintaining natural hair is expensive', but I beg to differ. It is expensive to them for a variety of reasons - which I won't delve into today - but which include the need for them to splurge on every single product recommended or suggested in every single natural hair content they come across. 

For weekly washes, you only need a shampoo, conditioner and a styling product. Mind you, I didn't mention any particular brand. This is because the simple act of soaking your hair in water, applying shampoo to your hair, conditioning it to restore balance and styling it in a no-fuss style is self-care for your hair. 

Honestly, ANY shampoo or conditioner brand that is non-sulphate will do for weekly washes and the occasional store-bought sulphate shampoo for once in 2 months or thereabouts.

  • Pick a Time that WORKS

A time that works for YOU. Choose a day that works best for you, whether it's Sunday evening to prepare for the week ahead or a weekday evening after work. Try and make it as regular as you can. For me, my routine is Saturday mornings but when I skip this or if I feel like a wash in-between, I can do it in the bathroom right before work or on a weekday evening after work. The consistency will help maintain the shine of your hair for longer.

  • Sometimes, Co-Wash

This isn't a popular opinion but if you are yet to truly get into the swing of full-on weekly washes. A co-wash while your hair is in twists or plaits is your answer. I never thought co-washes worked until I started doing them myself and I was pleasantly surprised. They give you a clean scalp while maintaining the moisture of your hair in just a couple of minutes. They are a great stop-gap if you want to see what all the fuss about weekly washes is. But they can't substitute for actual shampooing though.

  • Simple Styles Please

I have discovered that just thinking of the complicated style I have to create after shampooing, conditioning and detangling my hair is enough to put me off the whole process and keep the style I have in for longer. So I have designed a couple of easy, quick styles for my hair on those kinds of days and kept the complicated, time-consuming ones for when I have more energy to spare. You should try this too. 

That's it. My 5 tips for mastering weekly washdays and not letting them weigh either my hair or myself down. Trust me when I say your hair will thank you for it.

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