Curls & Tresses Bamboo Comb Set. A Naturalista Must-Have.


Rocking natural hair for 11 years has taught me a thing or 2. One of them is that the right tools are essential to a smooth natural hair journey.

The right products and the right tools are 2 key things I struggled with in the course of my journey and I guess that is why I am passionate about sharing any information or knowledge I glean with you here on the blog. 

Some naturalistas swear by finger detangling and avoid combs and brushes altogether, only using a toothbrush or fine-tooth comb to tame their edges. However, for those who work in formal environments like banks, and like to do their hair themselves most of the time, using combs and brushes is pretty much a necessity. 

Welcome Bamboo combs.
I've always had a love for wood even before I knew anything wooden is regarded as sustainable and good for the environment - wooden furniture, wooden decor, wooden combs, wooden toothbrushes, handbags made of wood and so on. A lot of the wooden combs I found on social media were made by foreign brands and pretty expensive but I came across a Nigerian wooden combs brand and jumped at the chance to buy from them and try it out. Coupled with the fact that I had been on the hunt for a humongous comb for my thick hair and they had the perfect size I was looking for. 

The brand I came across is called Curls & Tresses. Their brush set is made up of 
  • A huge wide-tooth comb
  • A detangling brush
  • A double-sided pick and edge comb/brush

I've tried all 3 and in my own way, created my own unique way of using them:

  • The Large Wide-tooth Comb: I use this to detangle my hair on lazy days when I don't need a fine, smooth finish to whatever hairstyle I decide to go with or gith before I wash my hair. It helps to quickly get rid of knots and provide some ease of styling for things like a quick high puff or even a twisted top
Here is a wash day video of me using this comb to detangle right before stepping into the shower

  • The Flat Brush: I don't always use this mainly because my hair styles are pretty basic. But for maximum detangling especially when I want to twist or braid my hair, I section the hair into small parts and use this to either brush the entire shaft or just the tips of the sectioned part. Honestly, this brush is quite gentle and it doesn't feel like my hair is being unnecessarily tensioned when I'm brushing through.

  • Sectioning/Edges Comb: not sure if the comb is correct seeing as it is double-sided brush/comb, lol. I really don't use this much because I don't do a lot of 'taming the baby hairs'. For sectioning, this is pretty good. We do have the local bamboo cutting comb that everyone who weaves hair has, but I must say that this is a pretty good substitute for that and it is longer, and much cuter.

Would I recommend this bamboo comb set? Heck, YES.

For women like me who really like time-saving hair detangling hacks, the huge comb in this set is a life-saver literally.

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