L'oreal Curl Expression Professional Shampoo & Mask

3.5.24 Lagos, Nigeria

My hair has now become an intrinsic part of who I am anywhere and everywhere. There is no conversation or relationship I get into where my hair doesn't make an appearance or feature. Thus, taking care of my hair is now a part of me. This especially became more important when my hair started failing - dryness, excessive shedding, dullness, breakage and more. 

Well, I complained to Koyinsola of Tresses and she recommended one thing and one thing only - wash my hair weekly and I started.

This weekly hair wash process has introduced me to a lot of hair care brands in Nigeria and I'll be sharing reviews of quite a number of them here. The first one I'll mention is the Lóreal Curl Expression Professional Shampoo & Mask

I received these products from Koyinsola herself and the first thing I wanted to test out is the fact that Lóreal Shampoos soften and detangle even before the use of detangling conditioners. I couldn't wait.

Lóreal Curl Expression Professional Shampoo

Like I said, I was eager to try this shampoo to see if what I heard about it being able to soften and detangle hair was true. It doesn't say it on the label but Lóreal calls it the Curl Expressions Moisturising & Hydrating Shampoo.

First of all, I really like the way the fragrance of the product wraps you as you open it and use it in the shower. The scent is lingering enough to become a staple scent for someone's bathroom or even room. If it wasn't pricey, I wouldn't mind using this for my weekly hair washes just so it becomes a staple scent for me. 

I didn't know what to expect when I first received the package and I will admit that when I saw the bottle, it just seemed like a waste as it would definitely finish in time. Alas, I was wrong, 5 washes down the line, the shampoo is yet to finish. 

Why? Although with a runny texture, a little of the shampoo goes a long way. It has a very thick, rich lather which washes the hair without stripping it and leaving it with this really harsh texture. This is actually surprising because this Shampoo has sulphate in it and for us naturalistas, it would be classified as a Clarifying Shampoo.

You will be wondering if it softened my hair. Yes, it did. I checked out the ingredients to find out how come and apparently, the Glycerin, Urea & Hibiscus Seed extract are what we have to thank. Did you also know that it contains Salicylic Acid in it? Wonder why, but that is an expose for another day I guess.

Uhm, I've never really been into hair masks. Not because they are bad, but because they are an added step in the haircare process and I'm all for making the process shorter, not longer. I will admit that I don't use the Mask every time I use the Shampoo. I use it mainly for the rich, thick vibe I get when I use these kinds of rinse-out products on my hair. 

As you can see, it has a thick texture and when I apply it, it makes my strands feel like they are cocooned and safe. I'm not sure how else to explain it but that's how it feels. I prefer to apply this after sectioning and detangling my hair with a brush because it somehow feels like it will penetrate deeper, lol. 

It really does detangle my hair easily - if and when I decide to do it the other way round - and leaves it feeling slick and a bit thicker after rinsing out. 

For someone who washes their hair every week, using this product is a rare treat for me and my hair knows that it is special day when I whip out this shampoo and mask duo. 

Like I said before, expensive, but worth every naira. 
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