The Zaron Prime N' Pop Eyeshadow Palette

25.4.24 Lagos, Nigeria

In my opinion, there are a lot of beauty products that don't receive the recognition they deserve. 

See who is talking, lol. I don't receive the recognition I deserve. But let's go on to our focus product for this review - The Zaron Prime N' Pop Eyeshadow palette. 

One of my absolute favourite looks of last year was created with this product and like I said in the beginning of this post, I don't think the Zaron Prime n' Pop eyeshadow palette gets the recognition it deserves.

First, let me explain how this product works - See that pale whitish shade in the top left-hand corner of the palette? It is supposed to be the primer which you apply to your lids first and then pat on the other shades over it for a 'pop'.

However, full disclosure, that primer doesn't work very well as a primer because it isn't easy to pick up or even apply to the lids, then the other colours don't stick very well to it. 

You can't review an eyeshadow palette without swatches right? I did swatches of all the shades just to see what they look like dry. But for the last colour, the one beside the primer - the yellow, I did a second swatch over one of my other eye primers. Can you see that rich yellow colour? Lo and behold, I saw the potential of this product at once.

I decided to give this palette another try when I went on holiday. Being a lover of green and how absolutely gorgeous it looks on my skin, I decided I'd experiment with the green shade in the palette and my flesh-toned Illusions cosmetics shadow base.

I'll tell you what I did differently - 
  • applied the shadow base generously over my eyelids with my finger
  • started off applying the green eyeshadow colour with a fluffy brush in a patting motion, then transitioned to using a flat brush
  • finished the application with my finger to make sure I packed the green eyeshadow into every bit of that shadow base
I daresay I was amazed at the actual pop of the green when I was done with the look. Also, there was very minimal fallout, unlike the first time I tried.

Will I recommend it? Absolutely! 
The only advise I'll give is to have a little patience and be sure to use it on days you have more than 10/15 minute to spare doing your makeup. Other than that, it is an absolutely lovely product.

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