Achieve a quick, easy and perfect makeup look daily. Use these 5 must-have Makeup Brushes

11.4.24 Lagos, Nigeria

Wearing makeup every single day is not for the faint of heart and I know that from experience. Over the years, I've been able to achieve a somewhat fool-proof method for achieving an easy and flawless makeup daily with the help of 5 must-have makeup brushes. This ensures that I'm ready on time for the office and I still look glam enough to elicit some looks from not just the guys at work, but also the females as well. 

I know there are tons of articles on the internet that swear by a certain number of brushes being great for everyday use; but, if you know me well, you'll know I absolutely love it when a product or a tool can perfect multiple functions so you bet that these 5 brushes serve multiple purposes in achieving my everyday look (don't mind my descriptions pls)

  • Fluffy, but dense, Foundation brush

This is a thick, natural fibre foundation brush which is great at stippling product onto the face. With this brush, a little goes a long way so it does help with efficient product use. This brush does more than just apply my foundation as you can imagine right? Apart from foundation - which can be liquid or cream; I also use it 
    1. aply colour corrector before foundation
    2. to apply concealer under my eyes
    3. apply liquid or creme blush on my cheeks (occassionally)
    4. apply creme contour on my face (occassionally)

  • Powder Brush

I can safely say that this is the laziest of my top 5 makeup brushes. This is because it basically does only 1 thing - apply powder. The powder brush does have to be dense as well because I'm not your typical 'sweep powder over the face'  kind of person when it comes to powder. I either use a powder or I don't. So if it isn't dense, then I'm unable to stiple the powder to ensure it sets all over my face. However, when I want to skip this brush, I move on swiftly to the next one

  • Angled Face Brush

This has got to be the most hardworking of the 5 brushes. While the first brush does only 2 things consistently with the other 2 when I 'feel' like, the Angled face brush does 3 compulsory tasks
    1. apply my powder contour
    2. apply highlight
    3. apply blush
For these 3 products, I prefer powder formulations due to the ease of application and this brush makes these 3 tasks a breeze. In case you are wondering if the products never somehow smear onto each other, I'll tell you how I use it - the top of the brush which is the densest part is for contour, one side is for highlight and the other side is for blush. That way, I always have my 'blush from within' look which is better to achieve when you apply highlighter under blush.

  • Flat Eyeshadow Brush

I actually don't apply eyeshadow 80% of the time but I do like to place colour on my eyes strategically. The flat eyeshadow brush helps me with eyeshadow but also eyeliner and even inner-corner highlighter. The trick to this is that I use the tapered, flat edge of the brush as a kind of liner brush that creates a precise line but also blends out when needed and I also use the flat side to apply dense eyeshadow colour to my eyelids when required as well. More often than not though, I use this to either apply eyeshadow in a thin line above or under my eyes and to blend out pencils on my eyes.

  • Crease Brush

This is my absolute favourite eye brush ever! This is because with skill, it helps me to achieve a slight wash of colour on my eyes which is my default and favourite way to apply eyeshadow these days. I sometimes still apply crease or outer lid eye colour with this brush sometimes when I want slight drama to nude eyes but it is also great for aplying highlighter in strategic areas of the face e.g. bridge of the nose, tip of the nose, cupid's bow of the lips and even over the inner brow edges. 

For a soft and pretty everyday look that takes me 10 minutes right before work, these are my absolute favourite brushes to use. I will admit though that 2 other tools I supplement these 5 brushes with sometimes are a powder puff and a beauty blender, but best believe that when I am in a pinch, these are my trusted fellas. 

p.s. my top 5 brushes can be from any brand apart from those in the images as long as they fit the description of the brush qualities I've mentioned in this post. 

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