Let the Eyes Speak with the Zaron Eyez Mattaz Collection | Eyebrows, Liquid Liner & Eyepencil

6.7.23 Lagos, Nigeria

With the advent of simplified makeup looks that are literally plug-and-play or placed on repeat, the desire for simpler and easier-to-replicate eye looks have been in high demand by mobile women who desire easier and simpler ways of looking good without the hassle. 

As you know, I'm in that category of women too - want to look good with less product within 10mins. That's why when Zaron cosmetics gifted me the new Eyez Mattaz 3-piece collection, I knew I had to put it to the test the very next day. 

Here is how it went

The first thing to know when it comes to myself and eyeliner products is 
  • I hate to fight with liquid liner so I opt for powder or pencils
  • I never fill my brows cos I love to rock them as full as they are with very minimal grooming to keep them in place
  • I have dark circles around my eyes which I usually enhance to create what I like to call a 'natural smokey eye' so I mostly just wear volumising mascara.

This time around, I decided to try out the collection the very next day with a full face of makeup to work and this here is my verdict

Smoke Gel Liner

What the brand says
Matte black gel formula in a convenient pen!
– Waterproof formula, perfect for both water line and upper lid.
– Smudge-proof formula that glides on effortlessly and lasts all day even in all weather conditions

Retractable gel liner pens have ALWAYS been my favourite from the moment I realised liquid liner was not for me so I do have a little extra thing for this pen here. 

There is also the fact that it really is black and so shows up beautifully on my eyelids. 

Does it do what it says? YES! It is waterproof and stays on ALL day long. It didn't budge the day I had it on and everyone at work kept commenting on my eye look that day so it definitely was a smash hit as far as I'm concerned.

Axe Liquid Liner

What the brand says
A precise tip for a perfect wing.
– Anti-smudge and long-lasting wear.
– Intense pigmentation.
– Sleek pen for easy grip and precision.
– Easy to use and perfect for beginners and eye-liner enthusiasts

I'm not a beginner but liquid liners have always had the best of me so I might as well admit my amateurism when it comes to liquid liners, lol.

While I'm not yet a pro with graphic liners & creating magic designs while using it, I will be the first to admit that it makes the process easier. I did need a magnifying mirror and a heck of a lot of patience but I managed to pull off a good liquid liner look. 

One of the snags I've always had with liner pens is the fact that they dry up eventually but I'm hoping this one lasts way longer....I also hope I use it more often than all the previous ones I've owned too.

Fleek 3-in-1 Eyebrow Pencil

What the brand says

Fleek is a sculpting gel brow pencil that plays 3 different essential functions💥💥💥

This brow pencil features:
– Gel formula for long lasting effect and easy application
– Triangular shaped pencil for easy and precise application
– Concealer/highlighter to define eyebrows to perfection
– Perfect brown shade to suite all complexions
– Spoolie to brush eyebrows for ease of application and a natural finish
– Buildable formular that glides smoothly and delivers perfection
– Retractable pencil that doesn’t require sharpening

Yup! That's a lot right?
I thought so too.

If you've followed me long enough in recent times, then you know that eyebrow pencils are not my strong point and I end up using them for other things mainly being lip liner. Uhm, I'm not sure Fleek will suddenly make me addicted to drawing my brows overnight but I gave it a try and I think I have a few things to say about it.
  1. The colour is pigmented enough to show up on darker skin tones. I didn't have to apply too much pressure for it to show
  2. The triangular shape of the pencil really, really helps especially when drawing the eyebrow arch
  3. I love spoolies. They are my best friend so you can be sure that I'm always going to find need for a spoolie, lol
  4. The brow powder applicator was a bit of a surprise for me mainly because I'd never come across an eyebrow pencil that had it. However, I discovered another use for it apart from being just an applicator. I found out it could be used as an eraser too. Why add more product when you can take off product in just the right areas? If you are dexterous at drawing the kind of brows you like, the powder applicator will be your best friend for sure. 

There we are, my short but straight-forward review of Zaron Eyez Mattaz collection. 

Does it really matter what the products do? Do we really need yet more products? For me, I love the fact that the products are so cute they don't take up any space at all. For me, that's their best selling point actually. They are small, easy to apply and return in a purse or handbag and you won't even notice. Coupled of course with the fact that it is actually affordable at less than N10,000 for all 3 products, I'd say it is worth it.

Trust me, unless you use these every single day and are overtly ambitious with your brows and liner application, these will last you a considerable length of time.

Let me leave you with one last look at my gorgeous look using Eyez Mattaz. 
Hope you don't mind 😊

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